Osteology of the canine trunk - Anatomical palpation guide

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Term: 2015
Published: October 7, 2015
Revised: October 12, 2015

Click here to view the playlist on anatomical palpation on YouTube, or click on the titles below to view the individual videos:

  1. Wing of the atlas
  2. Atlanto occipital space
  3. Lumbo sacral space
  4. Rib count
  5. The sternum
  6. Spinous processes

Copyright: University of Pretoria.
Video production, editing, sound and graphics:  Dr MR Crole
Demonstrators: Dr Christine Steyn.
Acknowledgments: Dr MR Crole and Dr C Steyn.
Produced for: Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

This Work, Osteology of the canine trunk - Anatomical palpation guide, by Dr MR Crole is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.