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This module will discuss the implications of zoonoses transmitted through handling, slaughtering and consuming red meat, including game meat, in much of sub-Saharan Africa. It includes the international (OIE) and local regulatory framework and socio-economic effects of outbreaks of zoonoses and food-borne diseases applicable to the red meat industry.

The module will also discuss an integrated food chain approach in the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases from farm to fork .Methods for auditing and risk analysis and correct sampling methods will be described. Sampling for zoonotic and food associated diseases of livestock and game will be aligned with biosecurity and occupational safety precautions.

This module will provide information on feedlot and abattoir processing of red meat and outbreaks of zoonotic diseases. It will also promote an understanding of the salient guidelines in the Terrestrial Animal Code.

Other relevant information

  • Meat hygiene: Integrated food safety management principles for red meat
  • Meat hygiene: Humane harvesting and welfare auditing in red meat processing
  • Meat hygiene: Prevention and control of chemical contaminants and drug residues in red meat
  • Meat hygiene: Biosecurity and environmental impacts of red meat production and processing.

More information can be found under the topic International trade and marketing of animal commodities and products:

  • General issues associated with international trade
  • Standards and norms associated with international trade in animal commodities and products
  • Assuring the biological safety of animal production (value) chains.
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