Livestock production

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world.  This industry now includes livestock, poultry and pig production, as well as game farming. Game farming adds new dimensions to traditional agricultural practices like hunting and ecotourism which has become a multimillion rand industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Many rare game species are bred in captivity and sold at a profit, while species like crocodiles are also kept for the production of exotic skins, meat and ecotourism.

Modern animal production deals with the caring, feeding, breeding and management of all classes of domesticated and aquatic animals, as well as wildlife. Animal production is often studied in terms of the various biological functions of animals, emphasising those of economic importance.

The following modules are dealt with:

  • Livestock production and the livestock industry
  • Animal production systems and requisites
  • Animal production environment and production factors
  • Production cycles and commodities derived from animals.