Applied Virology - Virus identification: Media and cell culture preparation (DVD)

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This multimedia programme aims to guide the prospective virologist in the use of cell cultures for the cultivation and identification of animal viruses. The programme provides the information required to enable the user to start cell culures, maintain them and freeze and store cells. The application of the criteria used to recognize growth of virus in cell cultures is emphasized.

The CD contains text and animations. The following sections are included:

  • Preparation of media for cell cultures
  • Preparation of cell cultures for use in virus isolation
  • Counting of cells
  • Storage of cells
  • Isolation of a virus in cells
  • Viral-induced cytopathic reffects (CPE)
  • Serum viral neutralization test (SNT)
  • Quantification of viruses
  • Purification of viruses

Click here to download the DVD to your computer (zip file). Open the zip file and double click on 'AVM_home.exe'. For Mac computers, instructions will follow.

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